The Palamita or Sarda sarda

Thanks to Mirco I widen my choice of fish. Everyone knows mackerel and tuna, but one of  their relatives was unknown for me until today. Although there are lot’s ofm more traditional recipes, I prepate a simple all in one dish with Bonito ( the English translation for palamita or sarda sarda). As mackerel and tuna the bonito offers an incredible amount of omega 3, vit. B12, phosphorus etc. Mirco showed me the entire fish before a thorough clearing. 1,4 kilo of fish becomes approximately 900 grams, cut in 4 beautiful pieces. Half portion goes into the freezer and the other 2 pieces are for tonight.

The fish can be eaten in many ways, raw, grilled, cooked in a stew, etc. As mackerel the meat is firm. My all in one dish is probably not a traditional recipe, but who cares.

Slice 600 grams of potatoes. Mix with 2 table spoons of oil, pepper and salt. Spread on baking paper.

Bake in the oven at 220° for 15 minutes. Slice a large bulb of fennel, 1 chili, 4 garlic cloves and 1 fresh onion.

Add to the baking tray and mess together to spread the oil. Season with 1 table spoon of dried oregano. Bake in the oven at 220° for 40 minutes. Stir halfway. Clean the fish. Season with pepper and salt. Spread the fish on the vegetables during the last 10-15 minutes ( skin upwards).

Enjoy this incredible fish. Serve with fresh arugula.

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