The difference between ‘aglio’ and ‘aglione’

During my stroll around the local market I discovered aglione for the first time. Aglio and aglione are both belonging to the garlic family. Aglione is a variety from the region between Siena and Arezzo. It has a more delicate taste and is much easier to digest. The ‘one’ stands for huge. The ‘aglio degli … More The difference between ‘aglio’ and ‘aglione’

Salted capres

Desperately waiting for my new kitchen I cook from day to day now. On the 14th of August the kitchen furniture has been installed. The following day we discovered a wet wall outside. Our plumber made a few holes in the wall hoping to discover the problem. The problem is discovered and solved now but … More Salted capres

Suppli al telefono

‘Suppli’ are croquettes made of risotto. ‘Al telefono’ is derived by the wires created by the cheese inside the croquettes. Start the day before by making a simple white risotto. Chop and fry 1 white onion and 2 garlic cloves in a mixture of butter and olive oil. Add 150 grams of good quality risotto … More Suppli al telefono

Pizza bianca

Pizza bianca is a pizza without tomato sauce as base. I’m still cooking in the old kitchen. I try not to moan about it, but it becomes difficult. My creativity in the kitchen gets restricted by lack of space and tools. Ready made pizza dough is a perfect help. Put 1 rectangular pizza dough on … More Pizza bianca