Wedding anniversary during semi-quarantine

October last year we started planning a big party. 2020 would be the year of ‘special occasions’ : 40th birthday of my wife Iris, our 10th wedding anniversary and official inauguration of our renovated home. Guests were invited, flights were booked, guesthouses were reserved, events were planned,…it was supposed to be 4 really special days … More Wedding anniversary during semi-quarantine

Juicy polpo

1 kilo of polpo seems a lot for 2p, but once cooked, the weight decreases incredibly. Cook the polpo in salted water with some bay leaves until tender (approximately 1h). Drain, chop in parts and store in the fridge. Chop 1 fennel, 3 courgettes, 4 garlic cloves, 1 red onion, 400 grams of cherry tomatoes … More Juicy polpo

I did it again!

Fennel and gorgonzola, heavenly combination. Yes, I know, I probably did something similar already. Puppy school finishes at 8.30 PM and it’s dark already. Oskar is really doing well, as long as he gets little pieces of wurstel during his training😉. Although those wurstel are perfectly eatable for human beings, I prefer other ingredients. Slice … More I did it again!

Sunny Sunday

August is halfway, incredible not? In a few days time we’ll have some friends passing by for a few days. So, today, I’ll put my nose in a my cookbooks to organize a menu and a shopping list. What did we eat last night? Cod, fennel and potatoes in a delicious( inspired all in … More Sunny Sunday


The last edition is all about the love for Italian food. Pizza limone e finocchio has southern roots. For a real easy version, use ready made rectangular pizza dough, which is a perfect portion for 2 as main dish.Slice 1 large fennel and 1 bio lemon thinly. Spread on the pizza dough. Spread 4 … More Pizza


Little cans of anchovies in olive oil are real flavor bombs. I often use them as the only protein supplier. Tonight’s dinner is probably, again, another variety on the same base, but we love it. For 2p, clean and chop 1 small romanesco, 1 fennel, 500 grams of potatoes, 4 garlic cloves, 1 fresh onion … More Anchovies

Although it’s chilly and wet in Tuscany, we’ll have a colorful salad

Slice 1 raw fennel and a bunch of radishes thinly. Add the meat and juice of 2 grapefruit. Mix and store cool. Chop 2 dates in little pieces. Put in a sauce pan. Add the juice of 1/2 lemon, 2 table spoons of water and 1 table spoon of maple syrup. Heat an stir until … More Although it’s chilly and wet in Tuscany, we’ll have a colorful salad

Step by step

I love all in one dishes even if the ingredients have a different cooking time. The reasons are plenty: less cleaning and dish washing after dinner, little possibility of burned food (if you avoid the grill function), more attractive way to serve your food, less after- smell, and probably a few more advantages. Today’s vegetables … More Step by step