How to reduce the amount of leftover after a dinner

First advise : prevention is of course the best, but not always  forseeable. Second advise : try to prepare recipients for doggy bags (if people tend to live far away, aluminium lasagne-like recipients are wonderful. Third advise : throw away everthing which will certainly not be eaten the following days. Personally I prefer not to … More How to reduce the amount of leftover after a dinner

Traditions to cherish

Certain traditions are so important to pass to the following generations. One of those traditions is ‘cauliflower with white sauce’, a typical Belgian daily side dish. This white sauce is  bechamel, but this blog wouldn’t be mine if I would do it a little bit different to save a few kcal. Blanch 1 cauliflower cut … More Traditions to cherish

Simple pasta

Start with frying 250 grams of mushrooms and put  aside. Use the same pan to fry 4 chopped garlic cloves and 2 chopped leeks in some olive oil. Add 1 table spoon of dried thyme. Add 120 ml of light cream when the vegetables are al dente. Boil pasta for 2p. Add some pasta water … More Simple pasta

Babi pangang

Babi pangang is the name of various Asian dishes made with pork meat.To try to get the right flavor put 250 grams of pork (I prefer low fat pork meat) in water (the meat has to be completely covered). Add 2 chopped garlic cloves, 1 teaspoon of sambal, 1 table spoon of ketjap, 1 tea … More Babi pangang

Veggie moussaka

I always try to respect the wishes of our guests. Elodie is staying here a few days and dislikes the whole cabbage family and squid, but loves eggplant and lentils, thus the following version of a moussaka will surely be a perfect menu for her last dinner this week. For 3p slice 1 kilo of … More Veggie moussaka