Panzanella is a typical Italian dish, based on tomatoes and bread. My version is, of course, a little different, but with the same ingredients.The warm tomato salad will be served with some grilled fish for Iris, and some Italian sausages for me.Wash 800 grams of cherry tomatoes. Remove the stems. Put them in a large … More Panzanella

Exactly what I need

I definitely want to have something cheesy tonight.Wash 800 grams of radicchio. Chop. Chop and fry 4 garlic cloves in a mixture of olive oil and butter. Add the radicchio. Bake and stir for approximately 15 mins, until all dente.Heat a sauce pan. Melt 25 grams of butter. Add 2 table spoons of flour. Bake … More Exactly what I need

Help, no internet connection for the entire weekend

How lucky we are to have connection with the world outside thanks to internet and social media. Due to a general technical problem we are disconnected for a few days.One of the reasons to cook on a gas stove is that, even if there’s a problem with electricity, cooking is still possible😉.Nduja piccante is a … More Help, no internet connection for the entire weekend

Spanish influences

A side dish for 4p or a main dish for 2p with a long lasting fabulous smell while cooking, and probably a possible ‘after smell’ in the following hours😏.Healthy food is often combined with some extra flatulence. For certain people it’s embarrassing, for other people it’s a perfect natural function of our intestines. Even being … More Spanish influences

I will still have to think about keeping some chicken 😏

I love eggs. We probably consume 10 eggs weekly (2p), and this is not because we live in Italy.Anyway, no eggs in the supermarket yesterday…thus today I’ll try an egg free cake based on a few ideas which I found on internet.Chop 2 apples in small pieces. Mix with the juice of 1/2 of a … More I will still have to think about keeping some chicken 😏