What did I prepare with the other portion of the palamita?

While preparing the menu of this week I find a recipe of grilled mackerel with a salsa in Ottolenghi’s first cookbook ‘Ottolenghi ‘. So I remove the frozen palamita filets from the freezer for tonight’s dinner.

For the salsa, chop 4 stems of white celery, a handful of fresh parsley and 30 grams of black olives ( green ones in the original recipe). Put in a small bowl. Add 2 table spoons of rinsed and drained capers, 30 grams of raisins, 1,5 table spoons of olive oil, 1,5 table spoons of old apple vinegar ( sherry vinegar in the original recipe), 1,5 table spoons of honey, pepper and salt. Mix and store in the fridge.

Rinse and dry the fish. Brush olive oil on each side. Season with pepper and salt. Bake in a really hot oven at 240° for 5 minutes.

Serve the fish with the salsa. Add grilled  sweet potatoes for extra energy.

PS no garlic today🤫

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