No carbs tonight

It’s popular, I know, but still not bad as alternative a carbfree pizza.

Clean, chop and dry 1 cauliflower. Blend. Put the mixture on baking paper. Bake at 180° for approximately 15 mins. Cool down. Mix the cauliflower with 1 egg, 2 table spoons of almond flour, 1 table spoon of dried thyme, a pinch of salt and black pepper. Spread on the baking paper. Bake for another 20 mins.

Chop and bake 1 onion, 300 grams of mushrooms, 4 chopped garlic cloves in a drizzle of olive oil. Add dried basil, pepper and salt. Spread on the pizza. Finish with mozzarella. Bake for another 15-20mins. Finish with fresh basil.

Serve and enjoy.

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