A good one to catch up

After a wonderful trip through the mainland of Greece, an interesting training in the Netherlands and a lot of little things in between, we didn’t forget to cook and eat 😀, but I completely forgot to post something.

The following recipe is a good one to catch up.

For 2p, boil 3 medium sized beetroots until tender. Drain. Cool down. Remove the skin. Chop in wedges. Make a dressing with the juice of 2 clementines, 2 table spoons of red wine vinegar, 1 table spoon of good olive oil ( our new harvest👌), pepper and salt. Mix the dressing with the beetroot. Set aside.

Chop 4 garlic cloves. Fry in a small amount of olive oil. Add 100 grams of farro. Stir. Add water. Boil until al dente. Drain. Cool down.

Remove the seeds of 1 pomegranate. Peel 2 more clementines.

Cut 1 halloumi ( 225grams) in little cubes. Bake in olive oil.

Take a large plate. Spread 100 grams of arugula salad. Spread the beetroot, clementines, 30 grams of walnuts, some seeds of the pomegranate and the halloumi. Finish with the dressing and some fresh basil.

We love this one. I hope you too.

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