Juicy polpo

1 kilo of polpo seems a lot for 2p, but once cooked, the weight decreases incredibly. Cook the polpo in salted water with some bay leaves until tender (approximately 1h). Drain, chop in parts and store in the fridge. Chop 1 fennel, 3 courgettes, 4 garlic cloves, 1 red onion, 400 grams of cherry tomatoes … More Juicy polpo

Sunny Sunday

August is halfway, incredible not? In a few days time we’ll have some friends passing by for a few days. So, today, I’ll put my nose in a my cookbooks to organize a menu and a shopping list. What did we eat last night? Cod, fennel and potatoes in a delicious( inspired delicious.nl) all in … More Sunny Sunday

Few ingredients, fabulous food to celebrate the arrival of our new puppy Oskar

Oskar arrived this morning, all the way from Sicily where there is a real problem with abandoned puppies.A readymade pasta, ovendried tomatoes, garlic, anchovies, fresh basil and buffalo mozzarella…Italy in one dish, an easy and delicious meal after this exciting day ❣.Put 800 grams of halved cherry tomatoes in a large oven pan. Spread 4 … More Few ingredients, fabulous food to celebrate the arrival of our new puppy Oskar


The delicious.nl last edition is all about the love for Italian food. Pizza limone e finocchio has southern roots. For a real easy version, use ready made rectangular pizza dough, which is a perfect portion for 2 as main dish.Slice 1 large fennel and 1 bio lemon thinly. Spread on the pizza dough. Spread 4 … More Pizza

Green asparagus with pasta and anchovies sauce

For the first time I’ll try the ‘pasta d’acciughe ‘, a paste made of pure anchovies. I imagine that a creamy anchovies sauce, green asparagus and pasta are great for a delicious Friday evening dinner.More vegetables than pasta, is my preferred balance. Clean 800 grams of green asparagus by removing the woody end. Chop in … More Green asparagus with pasta and anchovies sauce

Bingo night 🥳

What a night, virtual bingo party with my family in law. Egon and Otis are extremely excited, as are we, of course.What to eat tonight?Simple pasta, ovendried cherry tomatoes and grated bottega is a perfect meal to celebrate our victory 😉.Halve 500 grams of cherry tomatoes. Put them in an oven dish with the skin … More Bingo night 🥳