Tajine tomato and fish marriage

With some fresh cherrytomatoes (600g approx), some red onion and of course a few cloves of garlic we have already a nice portion of vegetabels on our plate. During Thursday shopping I chose two nice looking local whole fish (type of sea bass), which were immediately stored in the freezer. They will be  perfect company for the tomatoes. Clean and dry the defrosted fish and fill their bellies with some slices of lemon and a few fresh bay leaves (which you never should buy in Italy because if you don’t find it in your neighbours hedge, you will find it in the wild).

I chose to use a tajine and started by frying the onion and garlic in olive oil with some dried basil. I added a few potatoes and put the oven on 180°. In the meanwhile cut some red cabbage (leftover), some cucumber and radishes and mix with balsamic vinegar and salt and a little bit of olive oil. Stir regularly the onion and potatoes and when almost ready, add the fish and cover with the tajine lid. Turn the oven a bit lower and do not be afraid, the fish will not be overcooked if you spend some time doing something different. Half an hour or even an hour is still perfect, but no longer. Pepper and salt for those who need more, and ready to eat!

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