Pickled radishes

I try hard to reduce plastic containers and other plastic material. Sadly enough radishes are not available without. Almost every vegetable here in Italy is sold per kilogram, as radishes. If you would present them without package a lot of people would leave the green part and only take the radishes. In the near future … More Pickled radishes

Frozen fish

We only have a small freezer. I’m not that kind of person who prepares tons of food in advance to save me time during the week, and I usually tend to forget the frozen meals. Fish, home made stocks and curry pastes are the only turists in the freezer (and in summer also ice cream … More Frozen fish

Eggplant soufflé

Gerda, my mother in law, probably worried my inspiration will be gone soon ;-), collected a lot of recipes for me. This eggplant recipe which she found in the magazine ‘Body talk’ as starter, is a perfect main dish in a larger portion. I make a ‘docV version’. For 4p 1,2 kilo of eggplant is … More Eggplant soufflé

Korean food

Bibimbap is a popular Korean dish often served in a real hot stone recipient. Meat is optional, egg is optional, rice and vegetables are the main ingredients. The first step is the sweet and sour mixture to marinate the vegetables. Mix 250 ml of rice vinegar with 125ml of water, ½ table spoon of sugar … More Korean food

Dinner 2 in New York

After 17 kilometers of walking we can use real healthy food. An oven without oven dish, without proper tray? Fish in papillot is managable. Use strong aluminium foil in two layers (to keep the oven clean). For 3p, make 3 different packages with sliced 2 onions, 4  chopped garlic cloves, 1 chopped spicy little pepper, … More Dinner 2 in New York