Babi pangang

Babi pangang is the name of various Asian dishes made with pork meat.To try to get the right flavor put 250 grams of pork (I prefer low fat pork meat) in water (the meat has to be completely covered). Add 2 chopped garlic cloves, 1 teaspoon of sambal, 1 table spoon of ketjap, 1 tea … More Babi pangang

Peruvian cuisine ?

Thanks to being addicted to cooking magazines I get familiar with other cooking styles. This recipe  is originally made with rocoto, a spicy pepper which needs to be cooked in a sweet and sour (vinegar and sugar) liquid before filling in. I use normal bell pepper instead, which doesn’t need to be cooked in advance. … More Peruvian cuisine ?

Mezze night

Tonight I prepare smaller portions of different dishes,  mezze. -Tzaziki and a Greek salad: recipes are already on the blog (post of 1st of April). -Patates tiganites = fries Peel the amount of potatoes you need, 400-500 grams for 2p. Cut in wedges and soak in cold salted water, to reduce the starch, for 30-60 … More Mezze night

Three course menu : fish, veg and cool dessert

Try to remember ingredients people dislike if you invite them regularly to avoid unpleasant meals. Sometimes this list will be extensive which can be tricky. Don’t worry, Elodie, you are not ‘tricky’. For 3p, start with two appetizers served in little glases. -appetizer 1 : a layer of 100 grams of feta cheese cut in … More Three course menu : fish, veg and cool dessert