Cauliflower risotto in the oven

A nice day for a risotto. A cute cauliflower is looking at me, still very fresh and white. Even if I would use a cauliflower immediately after buying it, I would still try to find a well hidden cauliflower (extra protection) and I must admit that the vegetables here in Italy are always really fresh and gently manipulated.

A recipe from the magazine of the supermarket COOP gives me some inspiration. They used paprika, but I love the taste of curry with cauliflower. Looking around in the kitchen the römertopf is one of those tools which I inherited from my aunt and which is rarely used, so why not using this today while finding out whether it can serve as a risotto-recipient. Let’s try.

Always rinse the römertopf with cold water before use. Put a chopped white onion and garlic with some thyme and olive oil in the lower part of the römertopf and place in the oven at 180°. Cut the cauliflower in little roses (no waste, so use everything except the leaves). Take some baking paper, add the cauliflower with some olive oil and curry powder, stir and put in the same oven. Add 60 g of rice pp when the onion and garlic look glazy and stir. Prepare the stock (400 ml for 120 g of rice) with a broth cube (but homemade stock would taste even better). When the rice is also glazy, add the stock and cauliflower (leave some of the little roses for decoration), and cover with the top part of the römertopf. Stir the dish now and then and add more stock when the stock is almost gone untill the rice is al dente. This will take 30-40 mins.  To finish, mix with ricotta cheese (100 g for two people) and put the cauliflower roses and some baked almonds on top of the dish.

I am pretty sure that the Italians will kill me if they read my experiment, but it works! It will not burn and you avoid spending time in the kitchen so you can spend it with your guests.

Not really necessary for the vegetable quote, but I personally adore green salads (especially with risotto because of the cheesy-part). Your decision!

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