Sunday: lazy and light

To avoid that every weekend is synonymous  with weightgain, try to think about a way to cook something extra without abuse of fat and cream.  Who else is better to give inspiration than the Jeruzalem book of Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi? Their salads are so delicious! My choice tonight is a green salad with some marinated red onions and cut dates in white wine vinegar. I use one small red onion and 10 dates for 2 persons, and instead of throwing away the vinegar, I always keep the whole mixture and add olive oil and a bit of lemon before mixing it with the salad. To bake the pieces of bread (using the leftover of Friday evenings meal) I add a garlic clove with grinded almonds. Instead of eating the salad as entree, grill some fish (sword fish or a similar one) and bake some patatoes in the oven. The combination of the fresh sweet tasting salad with the delicate flavour of the fish is a perfect way to end a cozy weekend.

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