Brussels sprouts, also in Italy!

Hidden between the parsley and spinach I found… Brussels sprouts in little boxes of 300gr, so I bought two boxes (1pp). What can you use instead of bacon? Smoked tuna or salmon are an ideal alternative,  especially if you  find a whole piece that you can cut in larger cubes (70-100 gr pp). This recipe is a fusion between two worlds if you combine the sprouts with a puree of rocket salad and potato.

Start by cleaning and parboiling the sprouts. Cut the sprouts into halves, add chopped rosemary or thyme, lemon zeste, some olive oil and garlic and bake them for 20 min in the oven (180°). Stir now and again.

Boil the potatoes (200gr pp), make a puree and add some feta cheese (50 gr for 2), pine nuts (1 spoon pp), chopped garlic, pepper and salt. Add some milk if the puree is too dry.

When the sprouts are ready, add the salmon or tuna cubes. Sprinkle some balsamico vinegar. Finish with the puree and a bunch of rocket.

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