Some of my favourite ingredients: Pumpkin risotto with caramalized garlic

Ursula Ferrigno has a few excellent cookbooks with delicious italian recipes. One of my top recipes  is ‘risotto di zucca e mozzarella’. Pumkin, garlic and mozzarella are the protagonists here and are also on my toplist of ingredients (ask my family….).

Make home made pesto cutting a bunch of basil, 3 cloves of garlic, 3 spoons of pine nuts in a blender and adding 3 spoons of olive oil and 3 spoons of parmigiano. Or go for a ready made one of a good brand.

To caramalize the garlic you parboil 4 cloves pp in salted water, peel them and put them in a clean casserolle with 0.5 dl chicken broth pp and a tsp of butter. Let it cook until you get a syrupy effect on the garlic.

Cut a tasty pumpkin (200-300 grams pp without skin and seeds) into cubes, remove the seeds and skin, cover with olive oil and put the cubes in the oven at 180° to make them soft and to improve the delicious nutty taste of the pumpkin. You can always use this method for pumpkin, even if you use the pumpkin in a soup. Especially when you have a pumpkin with real hard skin this is  a perfect way to save you a lot of time and power by just scraping the skin when the pumpkin is soft.

Fry chopped onion in olive oil and add the rice ( 50 gr pp). The rice has to become glazy before you start adding the broth (350 ml for 2) spoon by spoon while stirring regurlarly. Sometimes I add the broth all at once (when I am not able to stir constantly, and I must admit it works too). Add the soft pumkin when the rice is almost ready. Before serving add some cubes of mozzarella ( 125 gram for 2). Serve the risotto with the caramalized garlic and the pesto. A simple green salad will be, again, great company.

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