Moussaka, always different: my light(er) version

Everytime I eat moussaka it tasts a bit different, but most of the time it is a real rich dish. I love it, even rich, but I prefer a lighter version. A vegeterian version is also a great alternative. You need slices of boiled potato (2 potatoes pp), slices of aubergine  (1 normal size aubergine pp ; in Italy they can be enormous), a tomato sauce (or just slices of tomato, 2 tomatoes pp), minced meat (100gr pp) optional, a variation on a bechamel sauce and of course garlic, onion, dried basil and oregano, cheese is optional too.

Cut the aubergine into slices of approx. 1 cm and put them in a colander with salt for at least 20 min. The reason for the salting is to withdraw water so that they will absorb less fat during baking and they will taste less bitter. Do not forget to rinse thoroughly and  to dry the aubergines after the salting. Take a little brush and some olive oil to grease the slices before baking or before putting them on baking paper in the oven at 180°. Bake at both sides. Make a tomato sauce with  a can of peeled tomatoes ( 1 can for 2 p), onion and garlic, or alternatively  use slices of fresh tomato and fry the onion and garlic with the minced meat and the dry herbs. Make a white sauce with milk (200 ml pp), basil, oregano,  garlic, pepper, salt and nutmeg (the thickening of the sauce can be done with maizena and water to avoid butter and flour as base). In the oven dish, start with the potato layer, then the aubergine, then the tomato or tomato sauce, then the meat and finish with the white sauce. Although everything is preprepared, count 45 mins in the oven at 180°.  If you prepare moussaka for a larger number of people, add some sidedishes such as a tzaziki made of greek yoghurt, cucumber, garlic and olive oil and a greec salad with sweet onion, tomato, some black olives and optional feta cheese (more kcal!).

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