No attack, but lack of time is no excuse to make a decent meal

I can immagine certain people hate to cook, but still love to eat. Lack of inspiration can’t be a problem anymore with all those internet recipes, and even home orders with the right ingredients for an entire weekmenu are possible solutions. Try to put  together a menu based on desires, seasons, and  on available material … More No attack, but lack of time is no excuse to make a decent meal

Painful neck and shoulder, easy cooking….

My body is not willing to allow me all this repetitive, physical work. I try  to ignore the signals, but it doesn’t work, and now, I’m punished with interrupted nights, and limited activity. Movement feels better than rest, but, being a physician, I know, it’s probably only inflammation of muscles which needs rest. Nothing to … More Painful neck and shoulder, easy cooking….

Roasted evening meal

Sprouts, green/white/red cabbage, romanesco, cauliflower, celeriac, chicory, pumpkin….don’t tell me that winter cooking is boring, even if you stick to the seasonal offer. Tomorrow shopping day, and sprouts and pumpkin is everything what there is left. Clean 500 grams of sprouts and cut them in halves. Chop 400 grams of a butternut pumpkin (use ½ … More Roasted evening meal

Brussels sprouts… nostalgic mood???

First frost in winter as initial start for Brussels sprouts doesn’t count anymore as ‘rule’, but let’s agree that we are in that kind of season now. For Iris those cute vegetables ask for mustard, so let’s find something more sophisticated. Libelle has a whole edition with Pascale Naessens (cook/model/ceramist/popular). This idea of mustard … More Brussels sprouts… nostalgic mood???

How to combine a pepper sauce with ‘flatulent’Brussels sprouts?

Iris wants to eat something with pepper sauce and I want to make something with Brussels sprouts. Why not combine in one dish? Clean 600 grams of Brussels sprouts and cut in quarters. Put in salted water together with 4 chopped medium sized potatoes and 1 bay leaf. Boil until tender. Drain, add 1 tea … More How to combine a pepper sauce with ‘flatulent’Brussels sprouts?