Healthy routines

Routines are important to stay healthy. Cooking and eating are two of my passions but if I don’t watch what I eat I will quickly gain weight. A prefer a healthy life style instead of a strict diet. It has been proven that people who follow diets in between not paying attention will gain weight over a lifetime instead of losing. It’s easier sticking to routines than punishing yourself in phases. Sounds probably too easy for certain people with the idea ‘all or nothing’ because they’ll find it difficult to compromise. Anyway it’s a lifetime learning, and I was obliged to start that process a long time ago.

I eat ice cream, I love a pastry in the afternoon, I love wine, I do not refuse a tempura, …..but I try every day not to cross a certain limit.

A salad for lunch is one of my oldest rituals, even in winter, even in restaurants. They offer enough kcal to keep me going and won’t give me this Sunday afternoon feeling ( which I prefer to avoid). Another ritual which helps me to keep in shape( don’t ask me what that exactly means😉), is to sport in the same way. No extremes but regular exercise make you feel better, help you to avoid physical injuries and help you to compensate the in between guilty pleasures. I try to run 5-6km three times a week and discovered Pilates recently which I do twice a week. If I’m not able to do all that, I try to walk enough to compensate.

My lunch salad is

quickly made, with what I find in the fridge, and commonly free of carbs. Today’s lunch is a mixture of tomatoes, strawberries, 100 grams of mozzarella, fresh basil, balsamic vinegar, a drizzle of good olive oil, pepper and salt. For vegans, add pumpkin seeds or nuts instead of mozzarella.

Enjoy Sunday😍

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