Cheese croquettes

If we can’t prepare North Sea shrimp croquettes, we’ll have some cheesy ones. For 24 croquettes, melt 100 grams of butter. Add 100 grams of flour. Bake and stir. Once you smell the typical smell of cookies, add 700 ml of full milk while stirring constantly. Allow to cook for a few minutes. Stop the … More Cheese croquettes

Healthy routines

Routines are important to stay healthy. Cooking and eating are two of my passions but if I don’t watch what I eat I will quickly gain weight. A prefer a healthy life style instead of a strict diet. It has been proven that people who follow diets in between not paying attention will gain weight … More Healthy routines

La madeleine

The madeleine is a cute French pastry, one of the guilty pleasure which are worth to enjoy, now and again. For 18 pieces, which you don’t have to eat at once ( they can be stored 3-4 days in a cookie jar), start to melt 90 grams of butter. Mix 10 leaves of chopped verveine … More La madeleine