Sweet potatoes

Today I did my shopping for the following days, and a lovely fish (doesn’ look that lovely, but is delicious) is the most important ingredient. I was lucky to find 500 grams of white sweet potatoes. Clean the potatoes, cut in similar wedges. Put the wedges on baking paper. Add a drizzle of olive oil. Put in the oven at 180°. Chop 1 red onion, 4 garlic cloves, 1 pepperoncini and 2 stems of fresh rosemary (without the woody part). Fill the fish with ½ of the mixture, 1 stem of rosemary, and a few slices of lemon.

Slice another red onion. Mix with 2 table spoons of apple vinegar and 2 table spoons of olive oil. Add 1 large sliced cucumber, 1 sliced pepperoncini and 2 roma tomatoes.

Mix 125 grams of low fat Greek yoghurt with a drizzle of olive oil, 1 finely chopped garlic clove, pepper, salt and some lemon juice (taste to find your balance of flavor).


After 30 mins of oven time. Mix the other ½ of the herbal mixture with the sweet potatoes. Put the fish in the middle. Bake for another 20 mins.

Fish, fresh salad, crispy sweet potatoes and garlic yoghurt sauce. Just what we needed;-).

PS Sweet potatoes are commonly orange inside, but there are also white and purple versions. They belong to the family of vegetables, and contain less carbohydrates than the potatoes.

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