My turn, pizza with ‘fridge’

Still to many fresh ingredients in the fridge, so no need to discuss the menu, pizza today!!

A ready made rectangular pizza with spinach, ricotta, almond flakes and fresh salmon filet is no ‘second hand’ menu, but the ingredients which I can still find in the fridge.

Chop and fry 4 garlic cloves, 1 red onion and 1 chili pepper in some olive oil. Add 600 grams of fresh, chopped and washed spinach. Stop the fire if the spinach is reduced to a much smaller amount, but al dente. Add pepper and salt.

Spread the pizza dough and baking paper on an oven tray. Season with dried basil and bake in the oven at 200° for approx 5-8 mins. Remove the tray and spread the drained spinach. Remove the skin from 300 grams of fresh salmon. Spread the sliced salmon on the spinach.

Mix 100 grams of ricotta cheese with the zeste of 1 lemon, pepper and salt. Spread dots of the cheese on the spinach. Slice 8 black olives. Spread olives and 1 table spoon of almond flaces on the pizza.

Bake the pizza in the oven at 180° for approx 20 mins. If crispy, finish with fresh basil and serve with pepperoncini oil.

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