All-in-one dishes

All-in-one dishes are the new hype, but are already since decades my favorites. Donna Hay’s book, One Pan Perfect, is an incredible source of inspiration. The crispy potato cake with smoked salmon is an amazing dish for a hot summer evening.

Home made smoked salmon was on my to-do list for a while. So I asked Mirco to prepare me 1 kilo of salmon filet with skin. Although the recipe wasn’t exactly what I wanted, it was a very tasty way of preparing a salmon. Mix 100 grams of sea salt with 50 grams of brown sugar. Spread the mixture on both sides of the salmon and store in the fridge for  2 h. Clean the fish thoroughly, rinse with water and dry. Mix 1 table spoon of a good tasting mustard ( I used a mustard with green pepper) and 1/2 table spoon of brown sugar. Put the salmon on aluminium foil with the skin downwards. Brush the mixture on the salmon. Spread a few slices of lemon. Preheat the oven or barbecue ( one which can be closed) at 110°. Bake the fish for 30 minutes ( the temperature in the fish will be then approximately 50-60 °). Cool down. Put 1/2 portion in the freezer for another occasion. Ps so sorry I forgot the box with wood to give the salmon a smoked flavor😏.

For the crispy potato cake, Grate 500 grams of peeled potatoes and 1 onion in the kitchen robot. Use absorbant kitchen paper to remove the excess moisture. Put in a bowl. Add 4 chopped garlic cloves, a bunch of wild fennel ( there is plenty of this  along our daily walking paths) or dill, 1 large egg or 2 small ones, 1 table spoon of chia seeds, pepper and salt. Heat an ovenproof non-sticky pan of 20 cm. Add 3 tablespoons of olive oil. Pour the mixture in the pan. Flatten the surface. Brush 1 table spoon of olive oil on the mixtute. Bake for a few minutes. Put the pan in the preheated oven at 220° for 15 minutes. Finish the baking under the grill, until the top is golden brown.

In tbe meantime mix 250 grams of low fat Greek yogurt with the zeste of 1 lemon, some chopped wild fennel, 1 table spoon of capers, pepper, salt and spicy sriracha for extry flavor.

Serve the potato cake with the homemade or ready made smoked salmon, the yogurt sauce, a few tomatoes, arugula salad and lemon.

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