Just imagine the flavor and smell of fresh coriander

The September edition of delicious.nl is dedicated to Yotam Ottolenghi. Janneke Philippi seems to know what his favorite recipes are. One of them is a fish taco with salad, mango and lime yogurt. Although we are just the 2 of us (remember: quarantine 😏), I decided at least the same amount of ingredients as for … More Just imagine the flavor and smell of fresh coriander

Lebanese food

You know that classical question : ‘What would you order in case it would be your last meal?’ I can only hope my appetite hasn’t gone by then, so I prefer not to wait until that day, but Middle Eastern food would be on my bucket list. The colors, the flavors, the mezze style, ..I … More Lebanese food

Savory rice pudding

Sami Tamimi and Tara Wigley have written a beautiful story about Palestina in ‘Falastin’. We had planned a nice trip to Jerusalem and Tel Aviv end of August, but we decided a few months ago to cancel it for obvious reasons. Thanks to my cookbooks, we can continue travelling, on our plate. Labaniet alzahar is … More Savory rice pudding