Circles on your plate.

Courgettes, sweet potatoes, fresh onion and baby spinach and my dear oven : what a team 😍.
Wash and cut two sweet potatoes in slices of 1 cm. Brush them with olive oil, pepper and salt, and spread on baking paper on an oven tray. Bake for 20 mins at 180°.
Slice 500 grams of baby courgettes, 4 garlic cloves, a few stems of fresh thyme and 1 fresh onion in circles. Spread on baking paper on another oven tray. After the 20 first minutes of baking, turn the slices of sweet potato, spread pepper and salt, add the oven tray with courgettes and continue the baking for another 20 mins. Stir the courgettes halfway.
Mix 2 table spoons of light mayonnaise with 2 table spoons of low fat Greek yogurt, 1 table spoon of horseradish, pepper, salt, the zeste of 1 lemon and some lemon juice. Taste, and add some more lemon juice if necessary.
Serve the different ingredients with fresh baby spinach as main coarse or side dish.

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