A fridge filled with fresh food

Fresh fish, fresh fruit and vegetables inspire me to prepare ceviche and a colorful salad. My first ceviche brings me back to 2008 in Ecuador, to Puerto Lopez ( where you can take a boat to the ‘small version island of the Galapagos’ and meet the blue footed boobies). Those 14 days of traveling through a country full of surprises, are printed in my memory forever.

The salad of tonight is a recipe which I found in a special edition of delicious.nl magazine.

I bought the firm monkfish in the supermarket. It’s an easy fish to clean, so that saves time. Remove the skin and bones of a tail of 500 grams for 2p (we skip the carbs tonight). Marinate the fish and 1 sliced fresh onion in the juice of 2 lemon (lime would have been better) and 1 chopped chili. Cover with cling film. Store in the fridge for at least 1h.

Prepare a salad with 2 nectarines, tomatoes and dandelion salad. Spread the fish. Finish with a dressing of olive oil, raspberry vinegar, pepper, salt and fresh thyme leaves.

What an easy, delicious, fabulous summer salad. 💖

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