Even if you are not well

Yes, I admit, I’m obsessed with the ritual of a dinner. So, even if I’m not well, I want to have a proper meal ( the only exception is a gastrointestinal issue).

After a night without sleeping because of a sinus infection, I try to take it easy today.

For 2p, boil 100 grams of farro al dente. Chop and fry 4 garlic cloves and 1 chili in a drizzle of vegetal oil. Add 250 grams of mushrooms, 1 table spoon of dried basil and 2 teaspoons of curry powder. Slice 1 Chinese cabbage (500 grams). Add to the pan. Bake and stir. Once al dente, add 125 ml of light cream. Add the drained farro. Mix. Finish with some chopped fresh basil.

I hope meal will keep my upper airway system open. 😏

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