This is a good one

Elegant cooking is not really my thing. During weekends I try to add some extra effort ( without adding too many kcal). Tonight farro ( less carbs than risotto rice), artichokes and a creamy parmesan sauce are the ingredients for our dinner. Chop and fry 1 red onion, 4 garlic cloves and 1 chili in … More This is a good one

Not for every day

I bought one of those containers to create 6 little croissants but couldn’t decide the proper timing and suddenly I realized that there was not much time left. Instead of having croissants as a breakfast, I saw this recipe in the november edition of Prepare the croissants first. Beauty is not important 😉. Cool … More Not for every day

Our US heritage: Kathy and Peter and old bay seasoning.

Before our move to Italy, the original plan was to move to the area of WashingtonDC. We went house hunting and got to know really wonderful people, such as Kathy and Peter, but the gut feeling about moving to US wasn’t right. It took a few weeks before deciding not to go, but Kathy, Peter … More Our US heritage: Kathy and Peter and old bay seasoning.

Food in layers

Slice two cucumbers, 1 huge red onion and 4 medium sized precooked potatoes thinly and put in an oiled round oven dish. Spread 200 ml of super light cream mixed with 4 chopped garlic cloves, 1 table spoon of dried thyme, pepper and salt. Finish with 1-2 table spoons of grated parmigiano. Put in a … More Food in layers

Good looking quiche

A quiche as  a solitary dish for 2p can be too much but is a perfect lunch for the following day, or if you are both really hungry, can be finished. Puff pastry is probably the most elegant dough for a quiche. Prebaking is always better to guarantee a cripsy bottom. Instead of using dried … More Good looking quiche

The Asian twist

Tom Yum Goong paste, which is meant to be used to prepare the easy version of the famous and delicious soup, can also be used as base for any other thai-like dish. I keep it in the freezer. Bake 500 grams of oyster mushrooms in a drizzle of peanut oil. Set aside. Chop and fry … More The Asian twist