Fruity salad and crispy appetizer for the start of the weekend

Blood oranges are available during the real winter months, from December until March. Their beautiful colour and flavour makes it perfect as an ingredient for a salad.

But first we will have a little appetizer, because it’s Friday.

  • Mozzarella croquettes (recipe  entirely stolen out of my favourite Belgian cooking magazine ‘Libelle lekker, Dec 2015)


Cut a mozzarella of 125g in 8 slices (4 pp). Cover 4 slices with 1 anchovy (you can decide yourself to rinse and dry them first, I prefer salted) and a few leaves of fresh oregano. Cover each slice with another slice of mozzarella. Strike each package first through flower, then in raw egg which is salted and peppered, then through panko. Fry them goldbrown in a frying pan and serve them with some fresh oregano.

  • Jamie Oliver’s  ‘Superfood for every day’ was the inspiration for this great salad.


For 2p chop 2 spoons of fresh rosemarin and 4 garlic cloves. Mix with some olive oil and pepper. Add the chicken filet (250 grams for 2p) and 2 thick slices of dark brown bread (all cut into cubes of 2 cm). Marinate them for at least 30-60 mins. Peel 3 blood oranges and cut them into slices of 1 cm. Make a little dressing with juice of 1 lemon, 1 tablespoon of balsamic vinegar and some olive oil. Fry chicken and bread until done and crispy. Present the dish in the following order : oranges, a handful of young spinach (150grams for 2), the dressing, the crispy chicken and bread and finish with 1 spoonful of crumbled feta.

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