Imagine to be in a sunny, snowy environment

Real winter fun smells like an open fire and grilled cheese. Although the sun is shining here and there is no snow in sight, today’s menu can already bring you in the right atmosphere. Rösti is a  Swiss national dish originally served as a farmers breakfast but nowadays more as a side dish.

Take 2 leeks, remove the dark green part and chop. Fry in a small amount of butter with 1 chopped onion and 4 garlic cloves until it is well cooked. For 2p peel 400 grams of potatoes and grate them roughly. Being in Italy we will use 200 grams of the grated italian mountain cheese ‘fontina’. Mix 4 raw eggs with 100 ml of milk, and instead of using 100 ml of creme I used 100 grams of mascarpone (leftover of the Saturday dinner). Flavour with pepper, salt and nutmeg. Chop 10 leaves of fresh sage and mix with the leek. When the leek has cooled down, mix everthing carefully together. Pour the mixture into a spring form covered with baking paper.  Spread 10 other fresh leaves of sage on top and pinches of butter (really tiny pieces). Bake in the oven at 180° for 45 mins. Serve cold or reheat in the oven (covered).

Ok, I admit, if I roughly count the kcal: cheese in total (fontina and mascarpone) 1200, milk 40, potatoes 320, leek 500 grams 150, onion and garlic 40, total amount of butter 1 tabelspoon 100 kcal, 4 eggs 400 = 2250 for 2. We will probably not have earned the calories by performing appropriate physical efforts but let’s consider this dish as a perk for Valentine’s day J.

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