Bean burgers

Yesterday I was cleaning my kitchen and noticed to have to many dried beans. 500 grams of dried white beans end in a pan with water to soak for 24 hours. During those 24 hours I will find a way to prepare them. Drain the beans. Put them back in new water, add some salt, … More Bean burgers

Pizza bianca

Again, a recipe based on the latest Ottolenghi, pizza bianca. Iris is waiting for our future ‘cinema’-room to be ready. The boxes with DVD, CD and old video tapes will be unpacked soon. The red velvet sofa (also sleeping chair for guests) may soon be freed from its removal packaging. This pizza bianca will be … More Pizza bianca

One huge pumpkin gnocco (singular of gnocchi) or better ‘polenta pumpkin gratin’

Gnocchi alla romana are prepared in the oven and therefore my prefered gnocchi. The recent magazine of the supermarket Coop inspires for a version with pumpkin. Remember the pumpkin of last week? This recipe is ideal for the 400 grams of ovenbaked pumpkin meat stored in the freezer. Defrost the pumpkin (or prepare fresh pumpkin) … More One huge pumpkin gnocco (singular of gnocchi) or better ‘polenta pumpkin gratin’

Vegetarian balls

Boil 400 grams of frozen large white beans in salted water with a few sage leaves for approx 15 mins. Drain the beans and cool down. Mix in the blender with 1 table spoon of savory, 1 egg, 2 table spoons of bread crumb, pepper and salt. Put the mixture in the fridge to become … More Vegetarian balls

Autumn colors

Even if you are not a fan of pumpkin, this recipe is so beautiful, just try! I found a perfectly shaped cute (I think Japanese) pumpkin, ideal for this recipe. For 2p, knowing that I need some pumpkin for one of my following recipes, a piece of 1,2kg is perfect. Cut the upper part of … More Autumn colors