While Muslim nations are attacked by crazy Trump, let’s at least make them feel at home in our kitchen!

Artichokes are almost always available in the local supermarket of Siena. They are smaller and thus don’t have the internal hairy part. Today I want to try a tajine with artichokes, potatoes and peas. Inspiration is given by the book by Ghillie Basan who mixes old Moroccan traditions with the contemporary kitchen.

Clean the artichokes and poach them in water for about 20 mins with lemon (to avoid black discoloration) until soft. Peal the potatoes (2 pp) and cut them into quarters. Chop a white onion and fry with of course garlic in a tajine on the stove. Add the potatoes and chopped coriander (this herb is very difficult to get in Italy so our dear friend Leen imported a good stock and hopefully we will manage to start a plantation in the summer ;-)), some lemonjuice (half a lemon), saffron and a teaspoon of turmeric. Add some vegetable broth (2.5 dl). When it starts boiling, cover the tajine and  reduce the heat. After approx 15 mins add small pieces of the skin of half of a pickled lemon (you can buy these in specialist stores but I’ll put the recipe of how to pickle some other time), the artichokes in quarters and 250gr of frozen peas. Uncover the tajine and leave  for another 10 mins. Add pepper and salt. Sprinkle with fresh parsley and serve. This is a full meal. You are ‘allowed’ to serve with couscous or bread. Enjoy.

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