A perfect day to make a tour through the Crete Senese

What a landscape and what a sky!! At the end of the weekend a colourful menu with the taste of the sun will be a perfect introduction to the following week. Put a salmon filet (200gr pp) in one piece in an oiled casserole (skin below). Prepare  a mixture of chopped parsley and chives, garlic, lemon zeste, old breadcrumbs or panko, crumbled feta and some olive oil. Cover the salmon with this mixture and press firmly. Put in a pre-heated oven at 180° during 20 -25 mins. In the meanwhile slice a fennel and mix with lemonjuice, pepper, salt and good olive oil. A pomegranate will provide the sunny effect. A little sauce made of 0% fat greek yoghurt with some lemonjuice and honey, pepper and salt will make this dish even tastier.

PS: A succesfull way to remove the seeds of a pomegranate is the ‘spanky spanky’ method with a wooden spoon on the skin, the easiest method I ever read (guess who? Ottolenghi).

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