I’m not afraid of more complexe cooking😉

Today I bought 2 mullets. I do admit that the fishmonger prepared

me already 4 nice fillets.

Chop and fry 4 garlic cloves and 1 chili in a large drizzle of olive oil. Add 500 grams of vongole. Stir. Add 100 ml of white wine. Allow to evaporate. Add 400 ml of good quality stock. Once the vongole are opening, remove them. Allow the liquid to simmer until the amount has reduced to less than half of the volume.

Cut 1 radicchio in 4. Steam for a few minutes, until al dente. Boil 400 grams of halved potatoes.

Add the vongole and 400 grams of cute mushrooms to the reduced sauce. Continue the cooking. Add the juice of 1/2 of a lemon.

Put the mullet in an oiled dish, together with the radicchio. Bake in the preheated oven (200°) for 15 mins.

Spread potatoes, vongole and mushroom sauce on the fish and radicchio. Finish with chopped fresh parsley.

Enjoy 😍

2 thoughts on “I’m not afraid of more complexe cooking😉

    1. Grazie, Ryan. Se fosse possibile per voi, sarebbe un piacere di incontrarci qui e cucinare insieme. Ancora alcuni mesi da pazienza e la casa sarà pronta per una cena di classe 😍😚😚


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