I haven’t been able to go to Livorno but this kind of food is supposed to be popular there

We are in full preparation of the real renovation works and I’m in full preparation of starting my own practice. All of this is very exciting and time consuming but I’ll never forget how important it is to take care of yourself ( and your body and food😉).

Tonight a squid of 500 grams ( cleaned, chopped and ink less) is the base of our meal. Chop and fry 4 garlic cloves , 2 chilis and the stems of fresh parsley in a drizzle of olive oil. Add the clean and chopped squid. Bake and stir. Add 100 ml of white wine, 100 ml of water and 300 ml of ready made arrabbiata sauce. Allow to simmer for 15 mins. Add 1 table spoon of rinsed capres and 1 table spoon of black olives. Allow to simmer. Add 300 grams of potato cubes. Continue the boiling. The sauce wil

l get thickened and the potatoes al dente. Taste, add pepper and salt. Finish with chopped fresh parsley. Serve with bread and some baby spinach for extra vegetables, of course 😉.

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