Quick puff pastry with eggplant and garlic

From the moment of arrival, the delicious magazine is always a superb source of new cooking ideas. As you know we live in Italy and the only foreign magazine which arrives in our mail is my beloved Delicious. With a few days of delay, sometimes even more (italian speed is sometimes piano pianissimo ;-)) but without any major damage, I read this magazine page by page spread over a few months. The magazines end up in a special classification system which I will keep for as legacy.

The recipe of tonight is our main dish, without starter and without dessert. Thus the entire kcal could seem a lot for 2p, but, yes I know it’s not the proper way to spread food, our evening meal is often the most extensive because it’s often our most precious moment of the day.

For 2p, cut 500 grams of eggplant in cubes of approx 3cm. Put on baking paper with a drizzle of olive oil and bake at 200° during approx 30 mins. Stir halfway. Remove the eggplant from the oven. Add 4 chopped garlic cloves and 2 table spoons of chopped chives. Mix with the eggplant while pressing with a fork. In the meanwhile put a rectangular puff pastry of 230 grams on baking paper in the oven to prebake during 10 mins. Put eggplant and garlic on the puff pastry. Spread 200 grams of halloumi in small pieces on the pastry. Finish with pepper and 2 teaspoons of sumak. Put in the oven at 180° for 20-30 mins. Remove the oven tray from the oven . Spread 50 grams of young pecorino and 250 grams of halved cherry tomatoes on the puff pastry. Put back in the oven for approx 10 mins, until the cheese starts melting. Add rocket salad and a dressing of lemon and olive oil and serve.

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