I came from a region where chicory was cultivated in soil

Where radicchio is Italian, chicory is a product from Belgium and the Netherlands. I try to avoid buying import products but certain ingredients are too delicious, I’m sorry. For 2p, bake 1 kilo of chicory, cut in quarters, brown in some butter. Add 3 tablespoons of chopped fresh sage. Make a bechamel. Add 60 grams … More I came from a region where chicory was cultivated in soil

Avocado caesar sauce

A special edition of my favorite magazine has published 42 oven dishes. I have loads of inspiration for the following weeks. Roasted broccoli, potatoes, salmon and avocado caesar sauce is an excellent combination. For 2p, put 500 grams of potato wedges, 1 red onion in wedges, 4 chopped garlic cloves, 1 chopped chili and 600 … More Avocado caesar sauce

What a beast🤗

My cooking stove is awesome. Thanks to Marion it has a name now : ‘the beast’😉. My daily cooking would be completely different without an oven, and now, I can use 3 ovens at the same time🤗. For 2p steam 1 small cauliflower. Remove the green first and chop. Chop and fry 2 garlic cloves, … More What a beast🤗

Fish and potatoes in fabulous croquettes

Pasteis de bacalhau are more than delicious, easy to prepare in advance, as snack, starter or, in combination with other dishes, as lunch. Janneke Philippi, writer in delicious.nl magazine, inspires me once more. The most important step in the preparation is the desalting of the bacalhau or salted cod. Rinse 400 grams of salted cod. … More Fish and potatoes in fabulous croquettes

Turkish style

My favorite magazine arrives monthly, always one month later than expected. I managed to accept the delay, not understanding the reason why 😉. Dorianne has arrived with squid as ingredient on her wishlist. Buy 800 grams of real fresh squid. Ask for for a good cleaning preparation ( less smell in your garbage😉 ). I … More Turkish style

Nice present

Although I had to promise not to buy new plates anymore, Iris herself bought me ‘a few’ elegant bowls in different sizes. 💃😉 A perfect reason for this elegant colorful dish. For 2p, clean and slice a bunch of radishes and 1 small onion. Heat 1/2 of a table spoon of honey in 75 ml … More Nice present

Polenta, mushrooms and chickenbreast with truffle and pecorino, real Italy

Po-lenta, from the Po area, was originally food for poor people. Polenta is made from corn which Colombus took to Spain. You can eat it as a kind of puree, rather boring, or you can use it in a more creative way. A famous brand for polenta is Valsugana. They have already a variety based … More Polenta, mushrooms and chickenbreast with truffle and pecorino, real Italy