Tonight more time and energy to enjoy a real italian dinner with friends.

Giorgio Locatelli has a new book ‘Made at home’. gives us an idea about what kind of cuisine to expect.

I bought a superfresh large octopus for 4p (1 1.5 kilo) and put it immediately in the freezer (I read that a frozen octopus gets tender quicker). Boil salted water in a large pan. Add the octopus, a few bay leaves, ½ lemon, 1 onion and 1 celery stem. Boil for approx 40-50 mins. Remove the octopus and lemon from the pan. Cut the octopus in smaller parts and remove the hard pieces.

Clean 1 kilo of baby artichokes and cut them in halves (keep them in fresh cold water with lemon juice until baking time).

DocV is always looking for an easy way to combine cooking while entertaining my guests. So I decide to continue the dish in a tajine. First start on the normal fire. Once I add the potatoes and the octopus, I cover the tajine and continue the cooking proces in the oven. In this case it will take more time to be done without having to worry to be it to burn or become overcooked.

Chop and fry a few garlic cloves, 1 onion and 1 spicy pepper. Add the artichokes, pepper, salt, 50 ml of white wine and 2 table spoons of the cooking water. Add the octopus, 1 kilo of peeled and halved potatoes, 1 table spoon of concentrated tomato puree. Cover and boil for approx 20 mins until the potatoes are ready. Finish with fresh parsley, lemon juice, some garlic paste (1 crushed garlic clove) and olive oil.

What a tasty dish!

PS Do you want a starter? Cfr Caprese in a crispy basket

PS Is there a better dessert than a praline of Centho Chocolates (nice present from Belgium, thank you, Gerda en Herman) with real italian coffee?

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