Courgette in English, Zucchini in American

Summersquash or zucchini/courgette is a delicious ingredient. By exploring the cuisines of the different continents you will be surprised by the incredible varieties of preparation.

Today we go for a recipe of filled courgettes from the Middle East. The round courgette is probably the easiest to fill, but the long variety is perfect alternative and often more available.

For 2p half 4 round courgettes. Remove the inner part. Chop the inner part in tiny little pieces. Fry 4 chopped garlic cloves, 1 chopped red onion, 1 chopped spicy little pepper in a drizzle of olive oil. Add the chopped courgettes and 200 grams of minced meat (chicken). Add 1 teaspoon of baharat (mixture of herbs), pepper and salt. Fill the courgette cups. Mix 500 grams of Greek yoghurt with some water, pepper, salt and 2 chopped garlic cloves.

Put the courgettes in the Greek yoghurt mixture in an oiled oven dish. Cover the dish with aluminium foil. Bake in the oven at 180° for 40 mins. Same ingredient in a completely different way.

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