Salmorejo, the best cold soup ever!

Cold soups are a delight in summer. One of my dearest friends, Alejandro in Spain= Alec in Belgium, who lives in Andalusia, made us taste Salmorejo for the first time. It was ‘love at first sight’.

The most important rule is  to use sunriped tomatoes!

Put 8 medium sized tomatoes in boiling water (remove the green hard part beforehand) for a few minutes. Cool down in real cold water and remove the skin. Put 1 garlic clove, the tomatoes, 50 ml of good olive oil, a drizzle of xeres vinegar in the blender. Add pepper and salt. Store in the fridge. Boil two eggs hard and cut in smaller pieces. Chop fresh parsley. Cut good ham (Serrano in Spain, in Italy San Daniele of Parma) in small pieces. Serve the cold soup with the eggs, ham and parsley.

Lovely summer, awesome cold soup.

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