Italian classic Lasagna Bolognese

I must admit that there are days that my inspiration is not gone, but that I take it the easy way. Today is one of those days and luckily I find some real ‘ragù bolognese alla Carluccio’ in the freezer.

The real Carluccio ragù sauce needs time. So often, it is better to prepare a huge casserole and fill your freezer for days like these. Cut 3 red onions, a lot of garlic cloves. Fry them in some olive oil. Add 1 kilo of minced meat (we prefer chicken, but sometimes a good mix is really tasty). Bake the meat and stir. Add 6 cans of peeled tomatoes or passata. ‘Rinse the cans’ with some red wine which you add to the sauce. The real italians will not use too much of extra herbs, but some dry oregano or basil can give extra taste. This sauce needs approx 2 hours to simmer.  Add some salt or pepper and cool down before freezing. One of those frozen portions made my day!

Make a classical bechamel sauce with butter, flour, 500 ml milk, seasoned with nutmeg, oregano, garlic and pepper.

A thin layer of ragù, a lasagna sheet, ragù, bechamel, grated parmigiano, lasagna sheet etc…is called lasagna Bolognese. 30-40 mins in the oven at 180° and ready!

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