After a long drive just some simple pasta arrabbiata

Coming back home in a house with an empty fridge,  you always find some dry pasta, peeled tomatoes of good quality, garlic, onion, spicy little pepper and pecorino (or even parmigiano) to prepare ‘pasta arrabbiata’. I am pretty sure that my version is more tomato-like, but I will always try to remember the veg-quotum. Chop 1 big red onion, 4 garlic cloves and 2 spicy little pepper (arrabiata, remember?). Fry in 2 table spoons of olive oil. Add 2 cans of passata or peeled tomatoes (fresh tomatoes are of course the best , especially in the summer). Add salt, some dry basil (fresh parsley is better) and let the sauce simmer for approx 20 mins. For 2 boil 180 grams of dry pasta (for this recipe penne are the best) in salted water. Serve with grated pecorino. Easy, tasty and, in this version, ingredients are always available.

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