Eat chicken with your hands

2017-02-28_21-35-591Perhaps not so attractive for people in front of you but eating chicken with your hands tasts always better. Jamie Oliver has this wonderful and easy recipe of chicken with a sweet and sour sauce. I always make it easier because I love to see what to eat (perhaps I will regret it if my young guests prefer not to recognize what I serve). For 6p 2 kg of chicken (2 small ones have more bones than 1 big one). Fill the chicken with fresh parsley and a few pieces of ginger. Herb the chicken with chicken seasoning or pepper and salt. On the bottom of a big oven dish put sweet peppers (1,5 kilo), 2 big red onions, 1 big pineapple and a few garlic cloves, all roughly chopped. Mix the vegetables with grinded fennel seeds, pepper and salt, and a good drizzle of olive oil. Put the chicken on the vegetables and leave them for 1-1 1/2h in the oven at 180°. Jamie mixes half of the vegetables with 2  table spoons of sugar and 6 table spoons of balsamic vinegar. I prefer to serve without mixing the sauce but to put the balsamic vinegar halfway the baking proces in the oven dish for a sweeter taste. Serve the dish with a simple rice (60-70 grams pp).

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