The great family ‘Aubergine’

Thanks to the Arabs who brought the plant from Myanmar to Europe, more specific to Andalusia in Spain, we can use  this delicous ingredient in many ways. Never eat them raw because you will get digestive complaints. On the other hand they should have a positive effect on the problem which we discussed in the message of 14 the of January;-).

Here in Italy you can find all different types. Today I went for the ‘globoso’. They have an excellent shape to be filled although the normal types are fillable too.

Cut the aubergine (2 halves for 1p as main course) in two halves (try to cut through the little  stalk). Make a few incisions in the flesh. Salt the flesh and leave them in a colander for 20 mins. Rinse and dry. Rub them with some olive oil and bake them in a warm oven at 180°. Turn now and again. When the flesh is soft, remove them to  cool down. This step you can easily do one day before (tip: take advantage of the night tariff because it can sometimes take an hour depending on the size). Gently remove the flesh but leave at least 1cm to create an aubergine cup which can be filled. Boil 400 grams of potatoes (for 2 p) to mix with the soft flesh of the aubergine. Add 1-2 tabelspoons of dry basil, black pepper, salt, a few chopped garlic cloves, 50 ml of light cream and 2 spoons of parmigiano. Make a smooth puree. Add 150 grams of Northsea shrimps (alternative smoked salmon) and mix gently. Add some extra pepper or salt if needed. Fill the 4 halves equally. Finish with some parmigiano. 20 mins in a preheated oven at 180° and they will be ready to serve.

A few fresh shrimps and a green salad will be a great start of the weekend. Buon appetito!

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