Shaksuka (empty your fridge)

One of the best recipes to demonstrate a perfect summary of my ‘rules’ is SHAKSUKA. This dish I discovered in the wonderful cookbook ‘Jeruzalem’ by Yotam Ottolenghi and Sami Tamimi. Started as a Tunesian breakfast recipe, it is popular not only for breakfast and not only in Tunesia and Israel but in the rest of the world. It contains loads of vegetables, is easy, low budget and it is an ideal dish to empty your fridge. Today I found some Chinese cabbage (you know that part which is normally not used in wokrecipes) some red cabbage (if you are only two persons you will never finish a whole red cabbage except if you would eat it every day), some feta and parsley.

Use a plate which you can use on direct fire and in the oven, and which looks nice one your table to avoid a lot of dishwashing. You start by frying one ore two chopped onions and a few chopped garlic cloves in some olive oil. Add the cabbages or other vegetables which you would like to use after cutting them into cubes or slices. Add some grinded cumin (one tea spoon for 2/3 persons, and a table spoon of harissa and stir regularly. Add a can of peeled tomatoes or cherry tomatoes out of a can (even sweeter). Boil it until the sauce is thickening. Remove the plate from the fire. Add salt and pepper, a can of chickpeas, the feta (here appr. 100g). Make four little holes and put a raw egg in each hole.

Preparation is now finished (this can easily be done in advance). The amount of veg is surely in total 1 kilo. The chickpeas and feta are the proteins for today. I prefer to finish this dish in the oven. Count approximately 20-30 min in a preheated oven of 180°. You can serve seperately or with bread or some potatoes to add carbs or Labneh or yoghurt as a traditional sidedish or even a green salad to make it fresh.

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