What a beast🤗

My cooking stove is awesome. Thanks to Marion it has a name now : ‘the beast’😉. My daily cooking would be completely different without an oven, and now, I can use 3 ovens at the same time🤗. For 2p steam 1 small cauliflower. Remove the green first and chop. Chop and fry 2 garlic cloves, … More What a beast🤗

Bananas in a cake

Bananas are an easy fruit to buy and to eat, but very often I find them almost brown in the fruitbasket. ‘No waste’ is an important rule in my kitchen and thus, when I search for recipes with ‘mature’ bananas banana cake is often where my search leads to. Put all the ingredients at room … More Bananas in a cake

Pea soup

The beautiful green soup of peas was always a real winter soup if combined with meat or bread crusts. This soup is perfect for any season, and above all it’s a great way to use the ends of parmigiano cheese. I usually use those ends in my tomato sauces and soup, for extra flavor, but … More Pea soup

Green green green

My final harvest of pumpkin/courgette is collected : 3 baby creatures, cute but not enough for our daily vegetable quotum. I hope they don’t mind to be served in the company of a half green cabbage and a half with cabbage, both waiting for another recipe. It’s rather boring, but, prepare a baking tray with … More Green green green

Dinner 5 : No waste, even not in New York, or especially not in New York

Last dinner in this great city. My daughters can finally say they have been in New York. Remember the chicken of yesterday? A good portion of chicken meat is still waiting to be eaten. For 3p, chop and fry all the garlic, 3 bunches of radishes, 500 grams of mushrooms and 1 spicy little pepper. … More Dinner 5 : No waste, even not in New York, or especially not in New York