Seitan 🤔

What on earth is the taste of seitan? I’m not a real fan of all those vegetarian protein substitutes, but now and again I just want to try them out. What to cook with 300 grams of seitan? Our favorite salad with fried seitan? Slice 1 red onion thinly. Mix with 4 table spoons of … More Seitan 🤔

A smooth apple pie

Start by putting the ingredients (3 eggs, 200 grams of yoghurt, 130 grams of butter) at room temperature. Melt the butter. Preheat the oven at 160°. Mix butter and sugar ( use a whisk and warm power, or use a kitchen robot with a dough hook). Add the eggs, one by one and 1 teaspoon … More A smooth apple pie

Jerusalem artichokes in a velvety soup

Jerusalem artichokes is one of those ingredients which gradually are re introduced in recipes. Again Yotam Ottolenghi gives me a few delicious ideas. In the beautiful book Nopi, by Scully and Ottolenghi, I found this awesome soup. Knowing that Jerusalem artichokes can cause intestinal problems ( often an impressive flatulence 😉), don’t exaggerate in amounts. … More Jerusalem artichokes in a velvety soup

After one week…

The apple olive oil cake of Ottolenghi can easily become one of my favorites. Spread some butter in a springform of 23 cm. Cover with baking paper. Put 100 grams of raisins in 200 ml of water. Allow to simmer until almost all liquid has gone. Seaf 350grams of self raising flour. Add 1/2 of … More After one week…

Luscious tomatoes

If I would have to describe the taste of hot summer nights the flavor of sweet juicy tomatoes is probably the best description. As a child I could eat tomatoes like apples. My mother used to make tons of passata in the summer. At that moment the tomatoes were at their best, cultivated under the … More Luscious tomatoes

Ingrid and Guido, friends since 30 years, are easy guests

It could be interpreted as ‘over organisation ‘, but if we have friends staying for a few days I have my menu and shopping list ready for the whole time. Our two fridges can store fresh food for 4p for approx 4-5 days. On Thursday we can visit the local market for some extra fruit … More Ingrid and Guido, friends since 30 years, are easy guests