When I’m watching a menu in a restaurant I’m always more attracted to starters. A starter is a perfect way to show ingredients at their best. In the beginning of our relationship we spoiled each other with our best recipes, and often we had a starter and main course every day (luckily we skipped dessert 😅). This couldn’t continue for obvious reasons, so now a starter is limited for weekends and special days. Often starters can also be served as lunch.

If you’re into beautiful plates without doing too much of an effort, any carpaccio will do the trick.

For 2p, boil 4 small beetroots until ready. Rinse, wait 10 mins, remove the skin. Store in the fridge until dinner time. Slice the beetroot as thin as possible. Spread on 2 plates. Season with pepper and salt. Spread 100 grams of lucious stracchino or burrata on top. Finish with fresh basil, the best local olive oil and good balsamic vinegar.

Maximum effect, minimal effort.

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