I hope they won’t keep me there

Although Covid is worse in Belgium than Italy, I decided to book a flight and visit my mother and daughters for a few days. Tomorrow lunchtime I’ll be gone. Today has been really crazy, a broken water pipe to restore, a swimming pool to close for winter, solar panels to finish…So happy the day started with a visit to the local market, a cappuccino with my dear friends and will with a cosy meal with Iris who keeps working in the middle of all the hassle in a really stoic way.

Knowing that I will have to be in quarantine for a while, after being in Belgium, I even managed to do some extra shopping to survive for at least 2 weeks.😉. Irma, the lady of the vegetable and fruit stall, offered already to do a home delivery next week. How sweet 🥰.

Enough talking, it’s time to cook and eat.

The tarocco oranges are back. They are awesome, perfect sweetness, perfect looks and seedless.

For 2p, remove skin from 2 tarocco oranges ( you could use the zeste for the dressing). Slice and spread on 2 plates. Halve 1 buffalo mozzarella. Put each half in the middle of the plate. Season with pepper, salt, fresh basil and good olive oil. Finish with seeds of a pomegranate.

Sometimes simple is the best. The ideal starter for this season.

One thought on “I hope they won’t keep me there

  1. Such a simple and delightful first course! And it looks beautiful as well 💖
    Best of luck with the travel organisation. Between France and Estonia most of the flights get cancelled at the last minute so we still cannot go visit my side of the family there…

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