Preserved lemons, homemade

I will take a few weeks, but living in a country with lemon trees, homemade preserved lemons didn’t seem so awkward.

Sterilize a large preserving jar by filling it with boiling water. After a few minutes, pour the water out and allow to dry, without using a cloth.

Wash 5 or 6 (depending the size)untreated lemon. Cut a cross in each lemon from upwards until 2 cm from the down side, to keep the quarters together. Put 1 table spoon of rough sea salt in each lemon. Put the lemons in the jar. Press the lemons together. Close the jar and leave for 1 week.

After 1 week, press on the lemons to squeeze out as much juice as you can. Add a few stems of fresh rosemary, a few bay leaves and 2 small fresh chili. Press 5-6 lemons. Pour the juice in the jar. Finish with a layer of olive oil. Close the jar and store cool for at least 4 weeks.

Finally I will be able to add some extra flavor to my Middle Eastern dishes.

2 thoughts on “Preserved lemons, homemade

  1. Living in a country where lemon trees are not omnipresent, I mostly by them in the supermarket but will try this just for fun.Thank you and let the ME recipes come our way….

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