Sunday dinner

During my childhood chicken was often on the menu on a Sunday, and it still is. With a little help from my friends ;-), the ‘two greedy Italians’, Carluccio and Contaldo, ovenbaked chicken with artichokes, onions, potatoes and rosemary. I serve a main course for 3p (yes, yes, Elodie is our table guest for a … More Sunday dinner

Tradition to keep

Something traditional today , chicken, mushroom-green pepper sauce and baked potatoes. I usually buy a big chicken, so that I can decide how to use the different parts. Usually the legs are ideal to bake in the oven, the chicken breast makes another portion for 2. The bones and the rest of the meat are … More Tradition to keep

Pure and healthy!

Checking the fridge while making my shopping list for next week provides the following loot : 1 courgette, 1 fennel, 2 enormous yellow sweet peppers, 4 purple carottes, cherry tomatoes and a few spring onions. 1 Yellow sweet pepper will make a delicious soup for tomorrow and all the other vegetables will make a colorful … More Pure and healthy!